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03 September 2012

Drivers for Gigablue SOLO/SE/UE {01SET12}

Beta Drivers SOLO, SE, UE ( Openmips 1 Und Openmips2 )


- changed inputdev from dreambox to gigablue 
- fixed timeshift hang up 
- fixed mediaplayer previous/next jump does not work. 
- fixed scrambled channel audio does not work after audio change. 
- fixed mp3 does not work 0~4 secs. 
- fixed volume dB range 
- fixed /proc/stb/fp/was_timer_wakeup (when wakeup from deepstandby) 
- added /proc/stb/fp/rtc_offset (different secs from UTC) 
- improve DVB-C tuner performance 
- support tda1002x interface for AutoScan 
- fixed aac-he audio does not work. 
- fixed mp3 does not play to the end. 
- fixed mp3 does not go to next automatic in playlist 
- fixed rewind/fastforward greater than X8.

Gigablue 800 SE/SOLO/UE

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