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02 August 2012

Manual: How to use JTAG for Gigablue 800 and SE

Complete manual and software, How to use JTAG for Gigablue 800 and SE


  1. Really nice documentation mate.
    Can you tell us where can we find the jtag toggle / cables to do the job?

    Many thanks.

  2. Please, how connections jtag / cables for this..

  3. Please, I need a schematic for the creation Jtag, from start to enter the box until the connection Pc

    please is urgent

  4. Donde esta el esquema???????????o donde esta la interface paralelo?????????

    Que es el EZ-USB FX2LP Cypress CY7C68013A USB2.0 ??????????????????????????????????

    Hay mucha gente con decos bloqueados,que el fabricante de mas detalles yaaaaaaaaa


  6. Thanks for helping. My gigablue stuck on boot and nothing has helped so far. However after searching the web for a long time, I finally found the proper jtag board (according to giga support, it is the same as vu+)but have a lot of problems conecting it to the giga. As I do not have much knowledge about electronics, I'd appreciate it if you could tell me which connectors an pins should I use( both on the giga and the jtag board).
    I've read that I must use broadband studio3 for that, but I dont seem to be able to install it properly as it is not seen under the device manager (win xp pro).

    Much appreciate any help.


    Links for the images of the motherboard and the jtag board:

  7. Hello,

    Pls check my post here. My GB is working again after more than one year in a cardboard box in my trastero.

    Good luck,


  8. So, i just finished recovering from my fault made more than one year ago using a cypress board (EZ-USB FX2LP Cypress CY7C68013). The software pack can be easily found on the internet so you should be able to find this.

    The pinout is as follows (giga blue solo)

    Use the connector next to the CPU heatsink. The pin next to the jumper J2 is GND the pin next to it is SDA and next to that is SCL. Do not connect VCC.

    GND goes to pin2 on the cypress. Would probably also work on the other GND pins on the cypress but I did not try.
    SDA -> SDA
    SCL -> SCL

    Both the jumpers on the board I left in the original position as it came. So, J1 and J2 on the cypress have their pins jumped.

    It is important you follow the correct sequence. If you make a mistake then please reboot your system and start over again. I spent 2 nights troubleshooting to get it right so if you dont succeed at first then try again. Use WinXP 32-bit!

    1. start your WInXP32bits
    2. Make sure the broadcom test adapter (cypress biard) is shown in the device manager.
    3. connect GND, SDA and SCL between GIGA and Cypress
    4. Power on the GIGA
    5. Open broadband studio
    6. open device BCM97325 (should say connected)

    Use the JTAG guide found on the internet for further steps (select correct flash chip and write cfe.bin)

    I add one attachment showing this worked for me.

    Good luck for the rest of you people with a box stuck on 'BOOT'


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