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17 May 2012

Multiboot on a USB pen for Gigablue

A Complete guide how to install multiboot on a USB pen for Gigablue.

Finally the plugin Multiboot on USB pen for our Gigablue (for IF and ONLY)

I state that is not my own work but the credit belongs to "scp" a site user support jig, I am limited to translation and the transcript of the tests performed by exemplifying hope.

The use of multiboot on usb pen is independent of the kernel image in flash and'' does not cause any change!!

Italysat assumes no responsibility for any damage to your receiver!

You can use both firmware with kernel 2.6.36 and 3.1.1.

Is created by the Linux operating system (Ubuntu 12.04, you can also use the [url = ""] Live CD [/ url]) on a usb pen (in my case by 4GB) a multiboot images of n (independent of that seen in flash). The ability of the usb pen is divided as follows:

- 512 for the first partition; (which can be normally used also for swap)
- Rest of size N divided into equal parts to create images

In my example I have created 3 images to try on a 4GB usb pen, so I got:

- 512 MB for the first partition;
- 3 images each of 1.2 GB.

You will need:

- Operating System Ubuntu 12.04 or Live CD or Virtual Machine (I tested directly by SO);
- A non-partitioned usb pen labeled "USB" (In my case I used a 4GB);
- The script creation multiboot [url = ""] [/ url];
- Within is also the enigma2-plugin-plugin-extensions-multibootselect_1.0 r5_mipsel.ipk that I will mention later;
- The images of the firmware (in my case 3: the last of openmips, and openAAF HDFreaks_v4).

Proceed everything from PCs with Ubuntu 12.04 or Live CD or Virtual machine:


- Unzip the zip files of images on the home folder or "~"
       (In my case, I unzipped the folder named openmips, and openaaf hdfreaks_v4)
- Copy the file-mke2usb in your home;
- Open a terminal and type as follows:

sudo apt-get install dosfstools e2fsprogs mtd-utils rsync unzip p7zip-full
cd ~
mkdir ~ / mke2usb
cd ~ / mke2usb
tar xzvf ~ / mke2usb-gigablue-r7.tar.gz
Doing so will create the folder "mke2usb" with its contents in the home; - Insert the USB pen nonpartitioned labeled USB into the USB port of the PC terminal and type:
This command will cause to which letter is associated with the usb pen (in my case / dev / sd g - Create a multiboot on pen like this:
sudo sh ~ / mke2usb/ / dev / sdg / media / USB ~ / ~ openmips / openaaf ~ / hdfreaks_v4
- And 'can overwrite the images from the terminal (for example, replace the 3 with neutrinohd decompressed in the Home):
sudo sh ~ / mke2usb/ / dev / sdg / media / USB transfer ~ 3 / neutrinohd
- The choice of image on the next reboot you get from the PC terminal (eg. The second img):
sudo sh ~ / mke2usb/ / dev / sdg / media / USB bootfrom 2
- Or from telnet:
/ media / usb / 2
reboot ! "Usb" in minusculo!
- Or by the decoder with the enigma2-plugin-plugin-extensions-multibootselect_1.0 r5_mipsel.ipk (contained in the File-mke2usb which is copied to / tmp and installed in each image. Then created the multiboot USB pen, remove from the PC and inserted into the USB port back of Giga off (not in stby). Start the gig and, if everything was done correctly, you will start the second image you selected. DO NOT operate the front door of the Giga SE, if you remove the usb hub 'HardDisk! ! NOTE! The ONLY Gigablue I managed to start and openMips openAAF, while hdFreaks_v4 I have not tested. I want to emphasize that the firmware for download ONLY in multiboot USB pen not allowed to start: instead using the firmware for SE multiboot worked. I repeat: The GIGA FIRMWARE ONLY IF DOWNLOADED TO CREATE THE PEN USB Multiboot!! Italysat assumes no responsibility for any damage to your receiver! For users with Gigablue ONLY use the multiboot on usb pen saves time flash

1 comment:

  1. great tutorial. Unfortunately, I did not understand where I put the images?

    "sudo sh ~ / mke2usb/ / dev / sdg / media / USB ~ / ~ openmips / OpenAAF "...

    are the boot Images in openmips OpenAAF ? are in these Directorys the "Gigablue" Dir ?

    Can you explain how i can create the openmis OpenAAF etc images on my stick ?

    Thank you very much!